Sparkling Slime - Science for You (8+)
Sparkling Slime - Science for You (8+)
Science for You

Sparkling Slime - Science for You (8+)

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Make a fantastic aromatic slime and homemade plasticine! This slime kit has been developed to guide children in the discovery of chemistry. Make yourself unique by making a shiny slime super cool and fashionable! With all the ingredients and instruments included in this non-toxic slime set, girls can make quick and simple reactions. Guaranteed fun for everyone with this craft set! When the slime is over, the little scientist can offer it to your friends and friends. This is the perfect plan for sleepovers!

The Slime Bright Kit is an educational and scientific toy that contains 14 super fun experiments and encourages the creativity and fantasy of the little ones. The kit contains: Educational book, dyes, glitter, calcium chlorate, sodium alginate and corn, protective goggles, gloves, pasteur pipettes, measuring glasses, and wooden spatulas.

  • Made in Portugal
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Dimensions: 38.00 Length x 6.00 Width x   30.20 Height

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